Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday October 20th

The comic:

Where did the kid get the money in the first place? He doesn't look old enough for a real job, but this is Pluggerville, so he probably earned his money shucking corn or something rural, in Massachusetts.

His dad is an idiot. What can ten dollars do? Pluggers must live in an America where ten dollars gets you something important, vital... though ten bucks would buy enough ramen to last until payday... hmm...


Sigma said...

Little pluggers are dicks. You can pull that "with interest" crap with your friends, but you certainly don't pull it on your parents. Especially since, you know, they provide you with room and board and pretty much EVERTHING in exchange for a few chores.

Bear Dad (I assume it's a bear; sometimes you can't really tell, and this is one of them) needs to set his foot down and tell that kid to knock his shit off.

...It's strange, though. You'd think Pluggers would ingrain that respect in their kids from day one.

Kaitlyn said...

I know. It's so odd, but if the kid was respectful, then the joke would suffer.

I think the dad's too cowed by his son because he's a pushover and an idiot and the son knows it.

Sigma said...

If it was like any other feature with precocious kids (say, Calvin and Hobbes or Foxtrot) the kid would get The Staredown and we'd all laugh and the joke would still work, but here you know that that kid is going to get his interest and maybe even an apology. It really is strange since you'd assume Pluggers would be old school "get me my belt" parents (and that they'd be smug about it too).

Now thinking about it a bit more I do give some leeway since it's a one panel strip, but it's still quite odd.

Anonymous said...

Pluggers buy their clothes through the Blair catelog, so this Plugger is probably going to use the $10 to buy a new dress shirt. (You DO know about the Blair catelog, don't you?)

Kaitlyn said...

No, anon, I'm an elitist.

And why would a Plugger need clothes urgently enough to take out money at such a high interest?

Kaitlyn said...

It just hit me! This should be one of those payday advance or car note pawn places you see on the TeeVee.

They're in small buildings, so they're small businesses.

Though they probably don't loan to Pluggers anymore. Credit risk, and they've got nothing good to repo.

Anonymous said...

The Blair catelog sells cheap clothes for old people. You ever wonder how old people get their incredibly unhip shirts and pants? Blame Blair.


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