Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday October 4th

The comic:

Is that a young RhinoMan?

It is!

That doesn't quite make up for the pun and general suckiness of the comic.

The idea of young Pluggers is creepy. You think they were born old. (Not to mention already married!)

So Pluggers use up all of their energy at a young age and refuse to get off of the recliner until it's repossessed. (Poor RhinoMan.)

This is a proud comic. They're proud of their more "innocent" baseball games - no organized leagues or metal bats for them! And they're better people for it - after all, they're Pluggers and we're not.


Anonymous said...

This is reflective of a different Plugger episode, but I want to know why a male bear would marry a giant female chicken.

Anonymous said...

My bad. It was a dog and a chicken. Yuck!

Kaitlyn said...

Brookins can't draw a Plugger rooster or a female Plugger dog/bear.

Seriously, I have no idea.


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