Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday October 29th

The comic:

Short-order chefs? Well, la di da!

Those kids are creepy. Brookins can't draw hands. And the non-bow wearing kid needs to stop staring like that.

Also, a bow? Why isn't she in a dress? I'm trying to think of non-formal, non-"bald baby" times that I or my sister wore a bow in such a fashion.

The grandkids didn't have to a be a boy and a girl, but well, that's more normal. And lord knows Pluggers are normal!

I'd forgive the ellipses since it's a little kid saying it, but a grown man wrote it. She's not pleading and dragging pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease out. If she were, the question mark would be on the other side of the ellipses.

Also, wouldn't grandpa Plugger bond more with the grandkids if he helped them make their sandwiches? PB&Js aren't rocket science, and they don't look too young. And you use a butter knife.

I know they have to ask - strange kitchen and all.

One more thing - if they live with their grandparents, but they're only "short order chefs" (chefs making pb&js!!!!! Ahahahahahahaha... Pluggers sure do love themselves the pretentious labels!) on the weekend, that means they don't give a rat's ass about what the kids want during the week. Huge surprise, I know.

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