Friday, October 17, 2008

Thursday October 16th

The comic:

Sorry it's late. College has a way of pulling you apart, and if you feel sick or tired, well, good luck.

I did get online today (funny story - I came back from my first class and slept for 7 hours! Ah, youth.) but didn't want to touch this. I don't you know, like Pluggers.

But I should have! RhinoMan, back in dire straits. Poor guy.

But according to some annoying commercials a while back, cash is bad, so it's a good thing he has no cash. Where's the plastic, RhinoMan?


Marion Delgado said...

This is a fun blog, and mainly because you're a young woman commenting on Pluggers.

A sweet comment like "where's your plastic, Rhinoman??" wouldn't have come from an older or more reverent source. Where, indeed?

Poor Rhinoman. Admit it, even you feel sorry for him. I just know that when they get assisted suicide law in Brookings(?sp) state, he's going to do himself and Mrs. Brookings in and since you submit your comics 2 weeks in advance, it's going to be all the "Pluggers are old, sick, pained, no one loves them and no one gives a shit if they live or die, so what the hell?" reader suggestions. And every one not involving a couple will be Rhinoman.

Kaitlyn said...

I do love my RhinoMan, though I don't know why.


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