Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday October 21st

The comic:

A Plugger... reading?

A Plugger woman reading?

More than one?

I gotta sit down.

Of course this came from a city. I mean, Denver is totally... a city. That I have totally heard of.

But I guess Pluggers wouldn't attend book signings, because don't you have to buy the new hardcover book and stand in a long line? Ok, I don't know, I've never been to one. I met this author soon after finally getting his book and I didn't ask him to sign it! (He was speaking about... writing? most likely.) And the other author I met, well, I didn't have a copy of his book because it wasn't in paperback yet.

And when I loaned a book out to a classmate, I scrawled my name all over that sucker! I even put in a note saying something along the lines of "Idiot LOST MY BOOK please return it to me".

I don't lend out many books. Oh, my sister takes them when she's in a reading mood, but yeah, well.

Horrors of horrors - my mom still has a book a coworker lent her like more than 5 years ago. I'm possessive of my books - not saying I won't loan one out to a friend, just saying that I'll be nosy and expect it back in a month (I realize other people don't read at my rate and I'll try to accept that) or at least a status report. "So do you like this book that I happen to adore?"

I've also never borrowed a book from anyone but Becky and various libraries. No wait, I think my 6th grade teacher had a bookshelf and we could borrow books from her. I think. That was 9 years ago.

But I would say what Mrs. Edna Houndstooth is saying, and probably scribble my name in the cover. I just have to find other readers. I just finished this awesome book about Japan, and one of my classmates is taking Japanese and probably majoring in it or something, and I was like, hey, check out this book. Nothing. Also, it's a library book. And the ending was kind of a downer.

Where was I?

I wanted to make a post tonight about how Sarah Palin is a Plugger and so are her "real" Americans, but then this came up. Reading! Sharing!

This is the exception that proves the rule, whatever that means.


ETA cuz I'm a restless ninny: So this is the only reason she has for putting her name in or on her books? How sad. I've got a book from 6th grade with my full name, address, school, and grade. And most likely phone number. Though I can't remember which book right now. Though I do know my name is all over my copy of The Westing Game. That book rocks every time I read it. Many of the books I got from about 10 to 12 usually have my name. Why that age? I don't know. It is definitely a way of saying "I am here, this is my book!" Plus, I've seen similar writing in used kids paperbacks.

I just checked my copy of Dealing With Dragons, and it just has my first and last name on the inside back cover. Very restrained, so obviously I got the book when I was 12 or so.

And I submit that her note of her name and current phone number are more important, from an historical viewpoint, than the author's signature. In fifty, a hundred years, if the book survives all the subsequent readings and movings, that name will mean more because we won't know who she is. The author? Pfft. It's on the cover. Not exactly a mystery, you know?

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Polsy said...

Hmm, a friend of mine still does that with all her books (of which she has many). I'm almost tempted to do it myself now. Just for posterity, or as you say, future intrigue.


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