Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday June 11th

Dude, I'm all caught up! And just in time for Good Eats!

The comic:

I've seen this before.

But I can't find it because my labeling system sucks. My best clue is "common phrases" and there are 160 posts with that!

Found it! I searched the blog for many terms, but "kid" got the return. After many posts. But I found it. Josh covered it as well. (Much easier to find - I searched his site for Pluggers, and just clicked previous entries until the date came up.)

This comic is exactly a year old.

It still ain't right.

And Brookins knows this, or he wouldn't have made her look so harried, so miserable, so trapped.

But it's celebrated as a good thing - much better than what a non-Plugger considers a well-balanced life - not just your family.

And that makes this one of the twisted Pluggers ever! And it's considered good enough to be rerun.


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Anonymous said...

Another submission from Ligonier, PA? This HAS to be part of the Richard Mellon Scaife conspiracy!


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