Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wednesday May 7th

The comic:

Another classic? What gives.

And this ran right before school as well.

So Pluggers don't pursue education on their own - they only go to school when it's required.

Big surprise. I mean. Really.

But I wonder if they've realized that their economic position might be elevated by taking just a few classes? Or going for two years?

Pluggers are broke, they've got to qualify for financial aid.

But I bet they hate school because they never applied themselves, because who needs algebra anyways? (I happen to like math.)

Eek, I am coming off as judgmental.

No, college is not the right thing for everyone. It's probably worse to go when it's not right for you - all that money, and then the frustration that comes from being in the wrong place.

I'm just saying that Pluggers never considered college when they were 18, and probably never will not because they thought long and hard on what to do about their future, but because they don't need no book larnin' after high school graduation.

My mom never considered college, none of her siblings did. They all went into the military after graduating from high school, except for mom's only sister - she got married.

However, mom learned things in the military - she was a corpsman (kinda like an EMT) for 8 years! She drove an ambulance! She saved lives! And after the divorce, she went to the local community college to take classes (English and Math are all I remember) to get her certification updated for her job.

But it's just sad to think that Pluggers never learned or had any training after 12th grade, besides traffic class.

Hank Hill had to go to one, but he considers his training with propane education. I'm going to assume.

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