Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Saturday June 7th

The comic:

Ooh, product placement!

Ooh, an unnecessary exclamation mark!

You're a Plugger if people - especially people who are young, pretty, and female - open the door for you.

The sender says he's from Florida. But he's old. And a Plugger. So he probably moved down there after retirement because that's what you do.

So he's not used to a good southern stereotype - politeness. Ma'am and Sir. Holding open doors for people.

Though that part of Florida may be so filled with non-native Floridians that it's not typical.

Back in the real world, there was a reversal of this cartoon today. I was carrying Wickett into the vet, and an older gentleman held the door open for me. I don't know how old he was, probably not Plugger old, but he was losing his gray hair. All I know is he parked next to us and Wickett yelled at him while still in the car. And the man didn't hold a grudge.

Okay, I could talk about our dogs at the vet (and the journey there) for hours. But this isn't the place.

What else? I saw the sender's name as "Wendy," not Wendell. So I was like, wait, what? Is she talking about what happens to her husband? Did she send it in as "hot young studs" instead of "pretty, young girls"?

But no. Reality is boring. Wendell is a guy's name. He's the constantly nauseous, whiter-than-white kid on the Simpsons.

I wonder if Wendell now expects this, and if he got to a door before a "pretty, young girl" would he expect her to open the door, even if his hands were empty and hers were full? I'm going to say yes, because he's a Plugger, and he's shocked, shocked at the idea of a pretty girl holding open a door for him.

Or because he's so old he was raised to think that men hold open doors for women?

I wasn't raised that way - if I'm there first, I hold the door open. It doesn't take that long, and it's a nice gesture, no matter the age, looks, or gender of anyone involved.

Pluggers are surprised when people treat them like human beings.

That's what this comes down to. How sad.

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