Saturday, June 7, 2008

Monday May 19th

The comic:

Don is a guy's name. Guys do laundry.

But not in Pluggerville.

This comic asks us to assume that Pluggers - lazy, often elderly creatures - don't use a dryer. And that Pluggers - who live bleak lives - never drink.

Of course, this could work if she's putting clothes on the line after putting them through a mangle.

And that Pluggers are members of a Protestant denomination that's Carrie Nation-style opposed to booze. Which makes us sinners.

I have proof that male Pluggers drink - "more prune juice bottles than wine bottles" implies that there is at least one wine bottle in the recycling bin. However, the idea was later recycled to remove any mention of alcohol. (Pluggers drink prune juice.)

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Anonymous said...

Don Burley lives in Ligonier, PA? Someone tell him to go punch Richard Mellon Scaife in the nose!


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