Saturday, June 7, 2008

Thursday May 22nd

The comic:

Josh covered this. On the 22nd. Oh the advantages of posting about comics in a timely manner.

But what he said is wrong, though true. Yes, Pluggers are disgusting. Thinking of them and marriage and cheating is squicky, but Pluggers have sex with other Pluggers. They leave the rest of us out of it. Thank God.

This comic can mean two things for non-Pluggers. Either we never cheat on our diets, or we cheat on our spouses, taxes, or in games. Pluggers don't do any of the latter, they're better than us. But they hate "elitists".

By the way, Pluggers, they do make pizzas that are diet-friendly.

Wait, I take back what I said about Pluggers only cheating on diets.

It says usually. That implies there are other cheating instances in their lives. Of course, it says "caught by his wife", which can apply to cheating on Monopoly because his grandkid owns Broadway, rather than just adultery.

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Anonymous said...

At least it wasn't mayonnaise.


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