Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday May 15th

The comic:

I knew I'd seen this one recently, and I was like damn, reruns again?

But no - it was written up at the CC.

And his write-up is funnier and more succinct than mine will be.

He says that Pluggers think any store that doesn't sell guns and/or beer is useless.

But that's not the point of the comic.

For one thing, he goes to an office supply place.

But why would a Plugger need a typewriter? You can probably order the ribbon online, but if you've got a typewriter and you're a Plugger, you probably don't have a computer. In fact, they scare you.

Anyways, why would the non-Plugger clerk only focus on Smith and Corona and ignore the rest of the request? (Which presumably featured the words "ribbon", "typewriter", and "kids today".)

I just realized something. Let's say that the Plugger was a moron, as usual, and didn't buy any extra ribbons the last time he saw them. So it's taken how long for him to wear out the ribbon?

Or not. And he's been typing loudly away to the newspaper and his congressperson his opinions about kids today since typewriter ribbons were easy to find.

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