Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wednesday May 21st

The comic:

And all non-Pluggers play the stock market and don't give a damn about grocery prices!

This is disturbing, because I don't know anyone who cares about the stock market and I know plenty worried about food prices.

However, we don't feel better than people who do care about the stock market, and Pluggers feel better. They're simple folk, non-elitist, and true Americans. OH GAG.

Do Pluggers care about what's causing prices to go up? Nah.

Do they care that they don't know? Nah.

Will they do anything to find out? Nah.

Will they kvetch? Yah.

Also, there's a bit of weirdness in their shock. You visit grocery stores on a regular basis - prices rarely shoot up overnight, it's gradual. That's not to say that gradual increases are any better than fast ones.

This is yet another example of a Plugger feature being a basic truth for most people.

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