Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday May 24th

The comic:

So Pluggers aren't teetotalers!

Or maybe Miss "Three Sheets to the Wind" is, but RhinoMan is not. Which surprises no one who has followed his depressing adventures. And that is everyone.

I don't drink, so I don't know much about box wine, except it's cheaper than wine in a bottle.

I'm not surprised that RM drinks wine "inna box," but I am surprised that he drinks wine.

I always thought Pluggers were beer people. You learn something new everyday - Pluggers go to college, Pluggers drink wine... Who says summers are wasted?

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Anonymous said...

Pluggers go for wine because it's got more bang for the buck -- especially the hardcore stuff like 'Thunderbird,'Night Train,' 'MD 40/40,' and 'Wineinnabox.' Thus, a true plugger would look upon a beer-drinker as an elitist snob.


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