Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wednesday May 28th

The comic:

Pluggers love being living stereotypes! Once they start taking a lot of medication, they retire to their Matlock reruns and wait for death.

Also, Memphis totally has a pyramid. And our zoo has an Egyptian theme and is amazing. Even when it's hot and there are more screaming kids than animals.

That's not a lot of meds if he can balance them all in one hand.

The first time I went camping, I wasn't taking any medication. I was quite healthy, except for the skin allergies. That was in April '01. By September, I was sick as a dog and haven't recovered fully.

But does that tie me down? Hell no. I continued to go camping, to go to relatives', to live.

Pluggers cause most of their own misery. (Especially if they become clinically depressed - can you see a Plugger at a shrink's?)

This comic makes me feel good about myself and bad for Charles Phillips. I hope he can at least go to Richmond.

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