Thursday, June 5, 2008

Saturday May 10th

The comic:

Another classic I haven't seen before.

I think I'd remember this.

Where to start?

At least it's not the dog-like creature as the Plugger. Dog ears don't look like that.



This is kinda scary to consider.

And this is not the first time this has run.

And Betty Hatfield thought it was funny.

I notice there are no women in the cartoon.

I know both sexes can be stalkers or be in a situation where a restraining order is needed.

But the image is of a woman taking one out against an abusive man - husband, boyfriend, lover. Sure, they're not perfect.

But I don't think they're suitable for any attempt at humor. At least not in a mainstream comic.

It's creepy. It's trivializing the issue by comparing it to a dog command. One that does not restrict or restrain the animal. That would be stay. So this is offensive, sick, and it doesn't even work.

But I'm probably overreacting.

Who thinks like this?

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