Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wednesday December 3rd

The comic:

Never mind the size of the kids, let's blame it on too much work and not enough nutrition and sunlight.

But the expressions.

Holy hell.

I know we're lazy as kids, but dishes aren't that horrifying a prospect. Now, picking up the dog's poop, that's another story.

Brookins can't do facial expressions right - the bigger kid looks evil and the younger one looks terrified.

Also, the bribe seems weird. If a 12-year-old Plugger has an ipod, wouldn't a 10-year-old? Not to mention vague - doesn't everyone listen to music while doing dishes? And what good does someone else's ipod do you? If they're siblings, they probably don't listen to the same music. (To have one more thing to fight over rather than different interests.)

Of course, these are Plugger dishes. I can't imagine the horror. Maybe they push the job away because Grandpa walks up all the time telling them to stop bitching about not having a dishwasher because he didn't have running water. Or food.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Pluggers refer to IQ rather age when discussing their 'dishwashers.'

Array said...

Maybe picking up dog poop is less gross when you're a dog, too.


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