Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday December 6th

The comic:

I think we've seen this license plate before.

No, I'm not surprised a Plugger voted for Nixon. What does surprise me is the car - a Plugger has a car that still runs 36 years later? (Or 40...)


joe said...

Wouldn't a "Thurmond-Wright" (the 1948 "Dixiecrat" ticket) bumper sticker be more apropos?

Sigma said...

What really completes the beaterness of the car: the muffler being held up by a cord; either twine or bungee, by the looks of it.

Word verification: duckedom.
Sounds more appropriate for Duck and Cover.

K.T. said...

I think that sticker could find a loving home on the bumper of an ironic hipster's car.

Anonymous said...

'cept ironic hipster types only drive rusty bicycles from the 1980s...

Anonymous said...

'Nixon-Agnew' -- this car must belong to a liberal Plugger. Conservative Pluggers go for George Wallace, whether it's the '62 model or the '76 final edition.


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