Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday December 19th

The comic:

Okay, I definitely don't remember this. Maybe it ran on a Sunday?

Of course this was sent in by a man (this is Pluggerville, where stereotypes run wild). He's heard his wife talk about his embarrassing clothing, and this is what he does.

Notice the look in her eyes. She's given up. She knows he will only write down what she said in exasperation, laughing, and never change. I bet he chose this afternoon's venue, too.

Plaid pants? They make those outside of the pajama section? Really?

Also, this was a more important Pluggers than yesterday's. Keep that in mind. Something about plaid that repeats nonsense about how no men care about clothing was more important than hero-worship.

I think I'll repeat that for the rest of this insipid countdown.

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Bryce Baker said...

Who decided these were the 10 best Pluggers of the year? I don't remember being asked to vote and picking the top ten of your own work seems kind of pompous and un-plugger like.


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