Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday December 17th

The comic:

Are those DVDs? They look too thin to be tapes?

I hope he checks for scratches.

And why would he buy them, if he's only going fall asleep, as we learned yesterday?

Now, why is she holding a lamp? To encourage reading or to make sure he stays awake? (By keeping the light on or by hitting him, I don't care, whatever works.)

Also, those hands/paws are scary. They don't look like they can hold onto those things much longer.

Yeah, I don't have much to say. Classic Pluggers that manages to avoid the fat or old "jokes" - Reed Hoover sent it in, there's a pun, there's a Plugger definition, and Pluggers are cheap. (Though who doesn't love garage sales? I did get a movie at one - The Santa Clause on tape. Still like that movie.)

I'm not a Bond fan, but I must say I am surprised he didn't have any of these already. I know he's cheap, but no one would buy him a present?

Or perhaps he only has these on tape. Pluggers can't pass up a bargain!

I wonder if he even has a DVD player.

One last thought - this is one labored set-up. "Discounted Bonds" are only one thing - the James Bond movies (or, less likely the books) for sale at a lower price. Just a very unlikely thing to come across. Stupid.

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Sigma said...

I've never seen them so I don't know it they'd be the right size, but maybe they're the books.

Of course, he'd fall asleep reading them as well.

Hmmm, Pluggers fall asleep reading, fall asleep watching tv, watching movies, and they take forever doing chores and household upkeep.

The only thing Pluggers finish is their dinner.


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