Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wednesday December 31st

The comic:

I do remember this one, but I'm too lazy to look it up, and as a New Year's Gift, no one should look it up. It's bad enough we have to see it again.

I'm sure I said something disparaging and elitist.

I just don't remember it being called the resume, because the resume gag was used before for writing on the side of the car, but no, bumper stickers are your resume.

Only the Navy one, dammit, why does he have to be Navy? I can't knock Navy, my mom was Navy! My Dad has a PBA sticker on his car (or did), that's your resume on your car. (He gave one to my sister to help her in case she got in trouble on the road. He's Navy as well, and if Mom wasn't, I'd totally trash them.)

I guess Pluggers think the fact that they were born in America (to American parents) was because of something they did, not a quirk of fate. Pluggers may call themselves humble, but really, they're self-centered assholes.

And with that cheery note, we leave 2008 behind.

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