Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday December 15th

The comic:

How can RhinoMan afford such a spiffy looking camera?

He's RhinoMan. I mean, I love him, but he's broke. He's probably going to pay to get these developed with the money he got pawning his grandfather's camera.

There is nothing inherently "Pluggerish" about using such a camera. I realize they are still superior to digital cameras in a number of ways, plus they look cooler.

What makes you a dick, and a Plugger, is referring to developing a roll of film as "downloading."

Also, well a Plugger wouldn't, but don't most people who have cameras like that have their own dark rooms now?


D.B. Echo said...

The only "downloading" most Pluggers do involves a toilet.

Or internet porn. Pluggers love their internet porn.

Kaitlyn said...

But since they're Pluggers, they're stupid, so they download it stupidly - like at the library, or on their kid's computer.

Or if they're a cop - on the job!

Or lucky enough to have a job - on the job.

Kurt Kaletka said...

"Plugger flash bulb": it's a platform on a hod, held by the photographer, and ignited by someone else. None of those fancy Flip Flashes™ for the salt of the earth.

I could see jokes about how jes' plain folk don't know how to work a computer flying thirty years ago. Or even twenty. But there are so many retrograde dullards on line these days that they could bury Pluggers' syndicate with angry letters—that is, if any of these people could write...

Kaitlyn said...

Kurt - they're Pluggers and they'll make their so-called jokes when they're good and ready.

Young folks are in such a rush these days!

Marion Delgado said...

Here's the thing. When you said you thought rhinoman had a chair an' a remote an' NO TV, did you already know that was true?

That's right. He just points the remote at the sad little slightly less dusty and dingy corner where the little 10" black-and-white TV was and clicks. clicks. clicks.

Life is unfair,
So I just stare
At the stain on the wall
Where the TV'd been
But ever since we've moved in
it's been empty
Why I
Why I'm in this room
There is no point explaining

If there is ever Pluggers! the Musical, I want to borrow the tune Joss Whedon wrote to have Anya shriek about "bunnies!"

Also, since Plugger ____ has come up, including downloading, you might want to see a thread i started on the comics curmudgeon forum, basically, a plugger lexicon. since everyone there abandoned it, including me, it's up for grabs (doing a plugger lexicon, i mean).

Kaitlyn said...

Marion, I'd have to join to do that and I've been meaning to join another community, so who knows.

But NOW I remember that strip where he pawned his TV!

From before I started this blog.


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