Friday, February 22, 2008

Thursday the 21st

The comic:

Yes, Josh has already covered this. But I still have to.

Of course wanted posters in Pluggerville have dogs and cats on them - they're the citizens and potential criminals!

Who calls a lost dog flyer a wanted poster? Pluggers, and by Pluggers I mean Reed Hoover and Brookins.

Non-Plugger electronic technology awesomeness whoring - microchips. The prices are going down, and even if your dog doesn't have a collar, they can scan him and find out where he belongs. Cool, no? All 3 of ours are now cyborgs.

Not that we wouldn't put up flyers.

I don't know what this comic is trying to say - non-Plugger neighborhoods are filled with 'real' wanted posters, like the ones they had in the wild west or at the post office long ago. So Pluggers aren't criminals, and they live in safe neighborhoods. (Or the Pluggers just don't care.)

Not that I've ever seen a wanted poster in any neighborhood, even the 'worst' Memphis ones.

Or is Hoover saying that non-Pluggers don't have dogs or cats? Or that we don't care if they get loose? Or maybe we keep an eye on our babies?

And of course, dogs and cats owning dogs and cats... sure, the argument can be made that Pluggers are humans and their pets are monkeys, but that smacks of evilution!

I just don't know.

Or it's their kids running away...

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