Thursday, February 14, 2008

Saturday the 2nd

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Pluggers don't believe in making reservations and/or honoring the ones they've already made.


A plugger cares more about their energy level than going to a party? Or out to dinner with their friends or family?

I've never known *getting dressed* to be a big buzzkill. Even getting dressed up!

I wasn't wiped out by dressing up for graduation, and I was in some serious pain.

But also - bathed? That could apply to little kids, or hey - what if they have to be bathed by their human owners? Though that normally wipes me out, Wickett is still full of beans.

Now, this week, I was wiped out from running around and didn't feel that great, so I decided not to go see a movie on campus. I hadn't told anyone I was going, so I am better than this couple.

Which is always good.

And if you know that something as simple as getting dressed is going to wipe you out, maybe you shouldn't make plans that require such strenuous activity!

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Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that getting dressed up for a plugger is the equivalent of wearing smelly, ill-fitting thrift store clothes for everyone else. I don't mean the cool thrift store clothes either --I'm saying that pluggers wear bumclothes.


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