Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday the 24th

Hey, Pluggers! Guess what I'm listening to! Yeah. Bollywood. Not Dollywood, stupid!

The comic:

Oh, damn! I didn't mean to insult Pluggers on The R's day.

This poor guy bought this car less than a year ago, and it is now worthless. Well, it was a trade.

Poor, poor RhinoMan.

All Pluggers are poor, but RhinoMan is the poorest - so who gets Pluggerville charity? Humans? Their "pets'?

And er, moment of silence for "Michael Melnyk". Even in Pluggerville, you only remember someone when they die. And had a car so bad the Salvation Army didn't want it! (Wait, wasn't that in a Foxworthy book?) My standard "somebody died" song.

::scurries away::


Anonymous said...

My dad once spilled grass seed in the back of his car, and it sprouted. Does that make him a plugger or just the owner of a very dirty car?

Kaitlyn said...

Not willing to assign Plugger status to anyone, I'll say your dad owned the first and only Chia Car produced.


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