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Friday the 1st

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When I saw this image, I was quite confused - that Plugger appears to be a white collar worker, an office drone. Pluggers are drones, but they don't wear ties to work!

At first glance, I didn't quite get the caption either - I was like what is a 'driving'?

Also, the pocket is big enough to hold the cases, not just the glasses! I don't think I've ever worn a shirt with a pocket big enough to survive a day with one glasses case, let alone 3 or 4.

Except a guy's shirt that was too big, of course. And my coats.

This is just odd - Pluggers have terrible vision, but cannot combine their glasses in any way - bifocals with the tinting would cover near and far sighted issues, along with the sun! So there go the reading and driving glasses. (I'm nearsighted, and have never carried more than one pair with me. I don't even bother with sunglasses. So I have no idea what's going on.)

Do people need different glasses for reading text on different surfaces? Really?

Okay, so what is the "Pluggers are the best" message here?

They're simple folk, they like their glasses to serve one purpose and one purpose only! And they're always prepared, with all four glasses on their person. Much better than the rest of us, who keep specialized glasses near where we'd use them. (I guess. I wouldn't know.)

But honestly - how much reading do Pluggers do? I know they're old, and all old people need glasses to read, but Pluggers aren't too fond of book learnin'.

And computers? Pluggers? If you need glasses for computer use, would you just buy another pair of reading ones and keep them at work? Or get another one for home use?

Are any of these prescription? Is he wearing the prescription pair? And he's so "thrifty", he can't read a book, drive, make sense of the squiggles on the computer screen, or protect his eyes from the sun, since function costs more?

I'm lost.

When I first got glasses, I loved the case my glasses came in. However, it was a hard shell, to protect the glasses from shattering or bending. So the case wouldn't fit in a shirt pocket by itself, let alone with two others!

Charitable idea - Mary is not a Plugger, and she was inspired by a male relative/friend/coworker.

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