Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Monday the 25th

Yesterday and this weekend (and, to be honest, much of today) were filled with procrastination. And self-loathing. And tears. Which is why, despite the need for "urgent" things to do, I couldn't look at this shit. You know how it is. But I feel a bit better today, so hey!

The comic:

I don't like you, Reed Hoover. You're not funny. And you can't be a CCer or other form of snarker, or you would have told somebody. So you think you're funny.

But you're not - you know what comic you're submitting ideas to. Today's is just especially painful.

Animals do shed, no matter how old they are. I've brushed Dixie every year of her life, and there was always part on the brush. (Lots of parts - bigger than some puppies!) It's not new, and it's not funny.

The new is also weird - so Pluggers aren't old, they're aging and dealing with the signs of aging?

It also looks like he's going to try a comb over. ::groan::

Hate, Reed Hoover, hate.

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Anonymous said...

Pluggers have mange?


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