Friday, February 27, 2009

Saturday February 28th

Wow. I just discovered I didn't do a comic for the 21st. Ya'll are ever so vigilant. Friday's was late because if I stayed up I'd get sucked into reading Bollywhat captions and I needed my sleep and I wasn't going to do it before school because I hate this.

The comic:

You're in the sun, all the seats are heated.

In fact, those lovely leather seats are probably hotter than whatever part of the engine is supposed to be hot.

There's something missing from the caption - "If you do your homework first." But they're Pluggers, they're honest, no one would cheat them, and they don't need fancy research or anything, they go by the gut.

They are idiots.


Joe said...

What the hell kind of car is that anyway--a Yugo?

Joe said...

"She'll go 300 hectares on a single tank of kerosene..."

Marion Delgado said...

$2795 is the price for that STOLEN 1902 car!

Anonymous said...

Too bad the interior of a Plugger car smells like ass.

Kaitlyn said...

Joe - a Yugo? A furrin car! Never!

Give them a good old Edsel or Pinto, by God!


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