Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wednesday February 4th

The comic:

More about food today.

I had an idea, and then I lost it.

RhinoMan has a fridge? And not-yet-expired food?

On Monday, I revealed my love of fried Spam. (Though not this other spam creation foisted on me at my volunteer job... I recall eggs... and a trashcan.) I've tried fried BALONEY. Meh.

Want to know something? I came home from class today and slept for like 3 hours. Cold medicine normally turns people into zombies, but hey! Think you're "better" and go out when it's below freezing! And don't take the fricking 'quil the night before or the day of, because hey, "it makes me sleepy". In French today, after I finished the quiz (I actually put "Je ne sais pas maintenant" - the answers had to be in French, maybe I'll get credit for that!) I remember thinking why am I in this tiny seat still, why doesn't the Secret bullshit work?

Oh, so the Secret is old news.

This is a blog about Pluggers.

Pluggers who are about to get food poisoning.

Hey, hey, you know what would be smart.

If he opted for the vegetarian option of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


Though, since he's a Plugger, the peanut butter may be from the first Bush administration. Or the last Democratic one, got to update those "this is so old" references for the new administration.

But then he'd be stuck with old food, and he can't throw it out, there are starving children in Africa! And he can't, like, send it to them, since it's about to go so damn bad.

So eat it, dingbat. Those numbers are chiseled in stone, they aren't estimates. Hope your run of good luck continues.


xy said...

i wasn't aware that bologna expired. i thought it simply was and shall ever be.

xy said...

i bet he pronunces it bo-log-na too. stupid plugger.

Bryce Baker said...

The secret doesn't work because it's bullshit, that's something you can believe in.

Marion Delgado said...

Either it expires or Rhinoman expires, or both. Either way, he's better off.


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