Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday February 7th

The comic:

This drawing looks so familiar, because I remember puzzling over the mirror, or perhaps that's just because I've seen mirrors like that in real life.

What reason does a Plugger have to wear a tie? Oh, right, deaths and marriages.

It is odd that the Plugger in question has everything else fitting, well, "right" as he sees it, except that tie. Who wears ties with jeans again?

The proportions of the belly are all wrong. Trust me, I'm fat. I know, I'm a fat woman, so it goes in different places, but I'm also a people watcher. And I ain't never seen a real person look like that. Male or female. Even in that stock footage of the fat people's bodies without faces they run on the news every time there's time some story about obesity.

So what I don't know about cars, well, multiply that, because this is men's clothing. (Though I've often thought it would be cool to wear a tie, though only if you're flat-chested.) Father wore uniform most of the time he was there, uniform had no tie.

But this does not seem plausible to me. Having trouble finding good pants because of your size, that does. But those are so expensive and so out of the way (especially for Pluggerville and someone used to sweats) that bitching about the tie sounds like somebody with their priorities out of whack, or at least somebody who only notices the latest problem. (I was trying to think of better examples, something about a limo and the price of ... something, but I am so tired.)

Then again, there's a whole 'nother side. "ties these days" and the tie over informal clothes - somebody who's been retired for a few years is going back into the work force and needed a new tie, since their old ones had just gone back out of fashion.


K.T. said...

Well, goodness, he can lengthen the tie. Look at all that excess fabric behind the front. I'm no expert, but...

Stella Tamzarian, Action Librarian said...

He's probably going to a wedding, but not a fancy one. Like a third marriage wedding or a shotgun wedding. One that swiftly takes place in the courthouse followed by a reception at a Bennigans.

Then again that could be considered fancy by Plugger standards. I'm not really sure anymore.

Kaitlyn said...

A courthouse? But that's so... secular.

Though cheaper.

Hmm. Cheap vs. spectacle/display of religious beliefs. What's a Plugger to do?

Futz with his tie, apparently.

Do guests even go to courthouse weddings? They'd just need the witnesses, and then the party at the Ryan's.


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