Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday February 20th

The comic:

Get out of my life!

Not that I've ever been to Branson or Pigeon Forge. I'm not a senior, I'm not a Plugger. I'm just maintaining chronic conditions and missing a gland or something that has been replaced with chemicals that must be ingested daily.

I only see 2 prescriptions, or meds, on that list. The rest are OTC that can be bought anywhere.

But isn't it true for all seniors? And all "sick" people? (You know, taking 10+ pills a day, but healthy enough to function and travel.)



xy said...

yeah, that applies more to people that live in todays world more than to just pluggers.

Kaitlyn said...

Yeah, but only a Plugger would think it was profound enough to send in, and only the grand Plugger Brookins would think it funny (or important) enough to publish.

And he got paid for it.


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