Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday February 11th

The comic:

I remember this one. Or at least, I think I remember the drawing. I don't think I've ever seen the blog in any form here.

There's a difference because your diary has a lock and is read by no one else, ideally. A blog? Well, five people read it, on average. But it's out there in the public, anyone can read it.

I'm surprised they got blogging right, or close to right. Some people have referred to talking as blogging, and assume every time you type on the computer, you're writing a blog! (No, I'm working on my homework. It's called Word! Some people even have computer diaries, which they do not put online.)

Plus, judging from what I'm seen, Pluggers are online a lot. And they have blogs, thanks to good ol' Blogger and other such free templates for blogs.

One last thing - that is a very uncomfortable writing position, I don't care how juicy the gossip is!

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xy said...

i love the giant arrow that informs us that she writes "dear diary". as if we would have thought she was writing anything else.


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