Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday February 2nd

The comic:

What the fuck is chicken cordon bleu?

And dammit, I am missing out on a big part of college life by not nuking my ramen. Of course, I could just go down the basement kitchen and cook it on the stove (the wrong way, I'm sure, but it's right for me.)

Ramen is only part of my home life, and when my roommate nukes hers, the smell makes me homesick.

I like the chicken one, it's the only one I like, but I'd never eat it with anything else, especially spam. Barf.

Why is chicken cordon bleu so damned important? Why do they have to be so fake? (The Pluggers, I mean.) I'm all for getting the nutrients in cheaply, but damn, chicken cordon bleu chicken cordon bleu... what is that about? Am I a non-Plugger for not knowing or caring?

And spam is only good in slices, fried and then in a sandwich with some mayo. Wheat bread, so we aren't totally déclassée.


Polsy said...

It's French for 'a dish which sounds posh and complicated, even though it isn't'. Very Pluggers, really.

Sigma said...

Chicken cordon bleu is thin slices of chicken that are pressed together with cheese and ham in between then breaded and baked. It's really good. I actually don't know how to make it, but I've already got a good idea of how I would go about it (mostly from watching so much Good Eats).

I guess this is supposed to be anti-elitist since the name is french and hoity-toity. I don't know.

I agree with you about the spam, but it needs to be breaded first.

xy said...

i can tell you this, chicken cordon bleu is the most disgusting thing you will ever eat if it is not done right. i don't like it no matter how it's made though because it supposed to have swiss cheese.

and you could never make it with spam and ramen in a stock pot. not even a hillbilly version. it has to be baked

Kaitlyn said...

I am addicted to Good Eats, and I thought about mentioning that, but I don't remember seeing CCB there, but then again I can't be sure I've seen every episode. (Tonight at 7 central - oranges!!)

I actually haven't tried any of the recipes, though I have been inspired to, er consider it in the future.

I just like the show. He's a great host.

Do you remember the coq au vin episode with the authentic coq?

Kaitlyn said...

Thanks for kinda-sorta clearing up the Chicken Cordon Bleu (note the spelling!).

I figured that non-Pluggers eat it on a weekly, if not daily basis, and well, I don't like being out of the loop!

I'm trying to be an elitist here. Why else would I be at college?

Sigma said...

Yeah, he hasn't done it (or, at least, the recipe isn't on the site).

And yeah! I've seen all but the last few seasons. I watch it at 1 and 2 in the morning, but not regularly.

I've always called Alton the "Bill Nye of cooking," making learning about it, well, fun and interesting.

Anonymous said...

I've totally done Good Eats recipes, including the Gyros where I made my own Gyro meat in the oven. They were awesome. I love Alton Brown. His face is my call ID on my friend's cell phone.

But oh yeah, that Pluggers recipe sounds disgusting. Ramen is salty enough without putting Spam in there too, god that sounds horrible. Stupid Pluggers.

Marion Delgado said...

I was going to pile into a jalopy with a vacant-eyed slattern missing part of her top and a fleabitten kitten, and tell you that a meteorite was about to hit your house, to prevent you from reading this one, Kaitlyn, until I remembered I didn't live on Gasoline Alley.

You took it very well. I will stop worrying now.This is a terrifying Plugger indeed. I don't think it gets much worse, really.

Marion Delgado said...

In honor of this pluggers, I, a vegetarian, will buy the fake ham and fake chicken I never eat, and try RACHEL RAY'S Chicken Cordon Bleau FONDUE recipe. That has one more French word, rachel ray is even more declasse than pluggers, AND it's probably edible.

I will comment on how it was after i get around to making it.


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