Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday February 18th

The comic:

I stayed up for this shit?

Oh well, I had fun reading some Bollywhat threads and thinking about how hot SRK is.


What the fuck am I supposed to say?

That's what you get for marrying an actual cow and letting her lick your head? Or his mom is the cow, and she does that mom thing where they spit on their hand and then clean your face. (Never seen it in real life, but Pluggers aren't real either.)

I'm tired. The weather is crazy ass crazy. My Bollywood films aren't here yet. There's school in the morning. And hail. And bah. And this man makes more than I will ever make. Oh god, I just thought of the people behind Beetle Bailey. (I respect Jim Davis - there is some new life in Garfield, though screw the movies. I guess, I haven't seen them. Maybe they're lovely. They're all lovely people.)

I will move and it will hurt and then my alarm will go off and it will hurt and then that fucking speech god fucking required classes - I want a job that allows me to disappear down a hole for 8 hours a day, doing God knows what. I don't want to make presentations. "Great energy, but you need to calm down some more." If I calm down, I won't have the "great energy." At least she didn't take points off for my experiment, no matter how bad it went. (I think people would rather watch SRK and a female dancer (for the dewds) dance and sing for 5 minutes than listen to me talk, but no.)

Where was I.

Oh yes.

Post college is harder than this, and just like Marion's posted "We're better than you because we're COUNTRY!" list, people who don't go to college work harder than those who do. Ok, trade places.

My head hurts.

Well I hope this has been educational. This is the kind of person who thinks they can comment on Pluggers. I find it odd that this rambly nonsense comes after 3 tests and a speech, not during the stressed out week. Adrenaline's gone and I know I'll need it again to claw my way to Friday.

I get to see Slumdog Millionaire again on Friday! That's good.

And that Plugger should put on another pair of glasses, than his cowlick will consist of 2 hairs.

OR (I've been reading the BW caption thread too much)

"Your combover's not fooling anybody, Salman." No, not Salman. He goes shirtless too often, and oh, my eyes! Let's just drop the name.

"The combover ain't workin'."

Good night, I'll be here all week, delusion as always, try the veal, it squeals.

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