Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thursday February 12th

The comic:

You're a plugger if you think that's funny.


Anonymous said...

Point of order! Point of order! They do not have waitresses in McDonalds.

Anonymous said...

I've found that people who say "vegetables are what FOOD eats!" are men who have to prove their manliness. "Man eat meat! Woman eat salad! Meat for strong man! Salad for sissy girl! I have penis! Who says I don't?" Meat represents masculinity while salad represents femininity. You have to "hunt" meat while you have to nurture and grow salad. Meat is an aggressive meal while salad is passive. You get the picture.

Basically Pluggers are rejecting femininity because to them, feminine is weak and should be pitied in women and reviled in men. If they allowed themselves to like vegetables, would that make them gay??!??!?!?? Putting a cucumber in my mouth!!??!

Sigma said...

Most brown bears' diets are 90% vegetable matter! And people have eaten them all throughout history! It probably shouldn't, but this just makes my head hurt.


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