Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday February 17th

The comic:

Ha ha, their names are like body parts, it's so funny! Don't you agree?

And damn they are lucky. Tricare sucks beyond all suckitude, but I have to suck it up because I have insurance. For the time being. God, I hate this country sometimes. If you're on vacation and get sick, depending on your insurer, you are SOL.

But because they're businesses, well it's okay not to insure me (even though, hypothetically, I have money) because I'd cost them money.

Yeah, I'm getting pretty damn socialist in my college years. Get over it, and start your own conservative blog mocking Pluggers.

Of course, part of it is total selfishness - not "I got mine Jack, screw you" but "I won't have mine, help me! and hey, help other people too."

Also, those calls are frustrating. Playing phone tag with nurses (never doctors!) is so much fun! The calls will say, "You have an appointment at this time, just a reminder!" or "Call us back." And by the time you do, they're gone. Or your doc is out of town for a week, well excuse the hell out of me for getting sick at a bad time for you, Dr Stupid. If you have a note on my file that only you can treat me, then you better be here!

Where was I?

Oh yeah, shut up Pluggers.

I may have sympathy if they're hounding you about bills, but that's just conjecture.

Of course, this could be bragging - "I'm friends with doctors/my kids are doctors/are married to doctors!"

Take your pick and leave me to fume and plot my escape.

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Dennis said...

The submitter is probably been married for 130 years and no longer has a sence of self all to their own. Resistence is futile.


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