Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday February 2nd

The comic:

Pluggers are farmers now. Or they live in places where it's legal to keep chickens.

They are also very literal.

There is no joke today, I don't find it heart-warming. It's just stating a fact.

This tripe is insulting.

Also, my dog prefers to kill chickens rather than mess with their eggs. I did like gathering eggs when I stayed at my aunt's in Nebraska - but no one has just 4 or 5 chickens. She had 2 less after we left because of Dixie, chicken killer, but she had plenty - 20 or more. And my aunt and uncle aren't farmers, they have chickens.

Also, I don't remember if I used a basket.

Plus, 4 or 5 chickens don't make that many eggs on daily basis.

This is just made of fail in so many ways - it's not funny, it's not sweet, it doesn't apply to 80% of America (or Canada), and it just doesn't make sense!


Anonymous said...

Does your dog happen to look anything like today's plugger?

Kaitlyn said...

We don't live by the site of a nuclear accident, so no.


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