Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday February 16th

The comic:

Pluggers have no patience and cannot amuse themselves when stuck in a line.

It's called a book. It's also called an mp3 player, though that doesn't always work because you might miss your name or number being called. Or an expensive cell phone - surf the web while you wait! I have an ipod with no connection to the internet, but I uploaded some funny videos and I watched them one day while waiting for class to start.

Of course, this assumes you like reading. That's the most basic thing. Why else would I carry a purse? I always take a book, even on a 2 am Taco Bell run - you never know!

So what do Pluggers do? Whine about the situation and do nothing to make it better. I'm not the most social person, but if the line was that bad, I may start talking to the people around me. We all deal with the weather. And long lines.

But Pluggers don't want life to be fun, they want to whine. No sympathy!


Sigma said...

It's hard to tell where Rhinoman is looking, so I'm just going to go with he's looking back, wanting the other guy to shut up. Sometimes, other people griping and complaining just makes the experience worse.

Anonymous said...

"Excuse me, is this the line for desperate loners on the fringe of society?"

Marion Delgado said...

It sucks to be stuck behind Rhinoman. He smells of beer, wine, and cheap vodka. He never bathes and his clothes are practically falling off him. Also, he can sleep standing up in line.

Dennis said...

Someone call in a air-strike on this building and kill off all the pluggers in one attack!


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