Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday February 13th

The comic:

It's not a t-shirt and I don't see any visible stains, so stop giving my man the stink-eye, you snobs!

Wait - a cocktail party? Pluggers drink cocktails? Pluggers go to cocktail parties? Pluggers officially have more social snob cred than I do. Okay, so I hate parties, but I've never even been invited. (Do they put "cocktail party" on the invites? Sophisticated Plugger readers - help!)

They probably think he's there to fix something.

The drawing of "society" types is just bad, though the proportions aren't as bad as with my man.

This raises so many questions - who throws cocktail parties in Pluggerville? New arrivals who have yet to be replaced by pod people? Is cocktail party a euphemism for some kind of sacrifice to keep Pluggers alive? Is this an initiation ceremony for the snobby couple pictured? Is RhinoMan an innocent and not allowed to see these kind of things? Was he sent by his company for the electrical part of the initiation?

So many questions, but none answer my question of why my brand new computer won't install itunes so I can rock out with youtube. Plus, I really need to add new songs because guess who's seeing My Name Is Khan? Yeah, me. I bet the people who are mean to the title character are Pluggers, except they live in San Fran, and I don't think Pluggers like California.

Questions questions...

For those who do, enjoy Valentine's Day. For me? I may see MNIK a second time, do homework, watch the Simpsons, study, and do a snow day dance.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure RhinoMan can break the ice by performing his party trips, such as resting his drink on his belly or opening beer bottles with his eye socket. That RhinoMan -- always the life of the kegger.

Anonymous said...

That's "party tricks."


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