Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday February 4th

The comic:

Now, I live in Memphis, but I'm no native.

And I like Elvis's music fine. I'm not such a fan of the die hard fans, mostly because the cameras and big groups come out in August for the anniversary of his death. In Memphis. The man was born in January. It's usually quite nice in January - no one dies from heatstroke! (This has happened. In August. To a fan.)

I pride myself on having never been to Graceland.

Point number two - I am no art snob. I like cheesy movies, silly books, and a range of posters because they're "pretty".

So velvet Elvises do not bother me.

This is the exception.

Why can't we have a Plugger Elvis?* Why is he human?

Also, since it's from Reed Hoover, I feel like he's reveling in his "I have no taste!" moment and being a right snot.

*No cracks about his weight. That is definitely tacky.

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Anonymous said...

However, there's no excuse for that lampshade.


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