Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday February 15th

Did you enjoy Valentine's Day? I didn't get any chocolate, but I finally got itunes working and organized just right! Also, horrible horrible pain. Pretty typical. If I didn't have horrible horrible pain, I'd walk to Walgreens this afternoon and get me some cheap chocolate! That's what holidays are all about!

Also, if you have today off (President's Day) shut up! I have... like one class, it's an hour long, o the misery.

Oh yeah, you don't care. Onto the comic:

That is one tiny kid!

And it's called preschool, thank you very much! I went to preschool and kindergarten. Don't most schools start with kindergarten now?

But yes, you're a Plugger if your grandchildren live in a different world than you do. Alert the media, things change.

This is funny? Or maybe some lucky brat who has today off will see this because they like to read all the comics (shut up) and ask their parents if it's true. Is that the point?

Of course, it makes me sad, because Grandpa Plugger grew up in a world where both parents didn't have to work, so he didn't need to be shoved out as soon as possible. (I'm assuming Grandpa Plugger was middle class, stable and above all, white.)

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Anonymous said...

I guess Grampa-Plugger is about to break the big news to Mini-Plugger -- Grampa never attended school. He went straight from his mommy's tit to the coal mine.


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