Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday February 9th

The comic:

Ha ha, she's telling him where to go, but he's driving the car! HI-larious, everyone knows passengers - especially women! - should STFU or walk. Because the passenger never knows how to get there but the driver doesn't. I mean, I didn't tell my mom how to get somewhere just because I'd been there earlier and she hadn't, by gum, she was the driver, so we drove around Memphis for hours, lost, hopelessly lost. Also, my mom is a woman, so even with directions, she would have gotten us lost - lady drivers, amirite? Huh huh?

Why aren't you laughing?

It's funny, just like that super bowl ad that made fun of a man for being nice to his girlfriend!

Women don't watch TV, drive, or read comics. We just don't, we're too busy emasculating men or getting pregnant. At the same time.

I have a new laptop!!! And because the computer repair people backed up my stuff (and charged me 30 bucks) onto an external hard drive, I got all my goodies on my new computer. Now, off to play!

I mean, do my homework. That's why I had to buy a laptop today instead of just getting a new motherboard. Also, my computer had 2-3 horizontal lines on the screen, one missing key, one loose key, and one stuck key. (The keys can be blamed on the dog. At least the loose and missing ones.) And who knows what else. Now I've got the new Windows and I have yet to ruin this one. Give me time.

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Anonymous said...

Pluggers drive land-speeders like in star wars? They are more advanced then they will admit to.


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