Friday, February 5, 2010

Saturday February 6th

The comic:

I don't like concerts - too many people, too much noise.

I just don't get this.

Pluggers are grandparents. Got that.

But Pluggers have children that spend money on music lessons? That doesn't sound very Pluggerish to me!

Also, why just grandchild? Do the parents not care? Or count? Or is it cuter because it involves "old people"?

Seriously - eff that nonsense. I know many grandparents that are only ~20 years older than their kids, and/or have kids that married and procreated around 20. So you can be a grandparent without being "old" or even retirement age in the US (65, right?). Of course, age is a state of mind for the most part - some people are old at 10, and some are young at 100. It's about attitude.

But Pluggers are fussy and as soon as they have a grandkid, they're old. Or possibly as soon as a gray hair pops up.

My mom could be a grandmother - I wouldn't be a teen mother. Or if she'd been like other people in her area, she could have a kid that would be 30 this year. Or even a few years older.

Old people are not cute, they are not funny*, they are not jokes. Ha ha, you're old!

*By default. Some "old" people are hilarious because they are hilarious PEOPLE, not because of their age.

Pluggers is terrible - more old attitudes about age and life recycled again and again and of course he gets paid for it, it's the fucking status quo and preserving that is key.

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Anonymous said...

So that's what a cross between a dog and a chick looks like. Pretty hideous.


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