Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday February 19th

The comic:

Why does she look confused? Can she see the caption too?

I can't make sense of it - how would Pluggers now stockholding terms, hmm? They're elitists, I knew it!

Or she doesn't look confused. She looks blank.

And I don't think restaurants would let you do that - and why are they in a fancy place with waiters?

Most places have dishes meant to be divided up, but they are about to be out on their asses. There's no problem with sharing food, but he should order the sandwich, while she gets fries and a glass of water. Or you know, a fast food place really won't care. And there's always to go, or getting her half wrapped up.

This is just wrong.

But it's a creative way to describe being cheap, because I didn't get it for a while. (And I hope they don't hold stock in that restaurant, way to screw yourself over!)

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Dennis said...

This was moments before he was thrown out of the resturant and she kicked his ass to the curb for being a cheap jerk-wad.


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