Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday March 26th

The comic:

Hope chest?


Are those still common?

I only know what they are because of what I assume is a '70s era Archie story starring Betty and Veronica. In the story, I believe Veronica says hope chests are old fashioned.

So your best friend's hope chest is supposed to be your wife's hope chest but oh ho! Those whily Pluggers! Their best friends are really their pets, because they can't talk back.

And instead of being a cedar chest for linens and the like, it's a fridge!

I'm dying of laughter over here!

Or maybe that's whatever's been plaguing me for the last few weeks. You laugh when you're dying of laughter, right?


Slager (formerly KT) said...

Now, there have been a lot of Plugger-doozies, but this particularly comic makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE WHATSOEVER.

Pirk said...

I don't even understand the sentence. Where's the verb, the subject the complete idea? . . . *grammar seizure*

Anonymous said...

This seemed like a stretch, like more than usual for the mental abortion that is Pluggers.

My mom has a hope chest but it isn't a real one because she keeps like child momentos in it. A real Hope Chest is the box where you store up all of your items for when you get married. See you need all of those Homemaker seed goodies like towels, dishes, blankets and the like so you can jump head first into your identity crushing marriage. The Hope chest is where your hopes go to die.

Damn when did I get this cynical?


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