Sunday, March 8, 2009

Monday March 9th

The comic:

Oh, my lord.

Why do Pluggers need to jump start their day anyway?

So they can get their cliches straight?


Pirk said...

pluggers is the only comic strip I'm ok with making fun of the economy. all the characters are dirt poor; the writers are real people in real situations. Comics like Blondie and Born loser, the characters will never face any economic hardship, the writers (except for Ces apparently) have job security everlasting . . .

Kaitlyn said...

Pirk - true, but the "idiots in Washington" are at least, in theory, using their money to help the Pluggers.

I remember an article about the dirt poorness of Pluggerville and how it was ironic that it was designed by a committee and run by a huge syndicate. (like all comics, I guess).

It's one of the Plugger links over there, just not sure which one.

Array said...

Something went wrong with my bookmarked link--somehow, some way--and every time I clicked it, December 31 was the most recent entry. I'm so glad I figured out that something went wonky, because I have missed my daily Pluggersing. :D


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