Sunday, March 22, 2009

Monday March 23rd

The comic:

Pluggers are feeble.

Seriously, this is what you've got? I'm sick sick sick sick sick SICK, and I see my doc once a month. Granted, when I was really sick with a skin infection, I didn't have appointments and just showed up a couple times a week, but vacations were impossible at that time anyway, because I was sick.

I mean, duh.

And of course, they're lucky to have so many doctors to see in a month that it fills their calendar. Lucky that their insurance lets them (they are Pluggers), because we know they can't afford specialist or even GP fees.


ComicGoddess said...

This makes no sense. Aren't Pluggers supposed to be hardy and never get sick? And even supposing that it's not for physical illness but for mental health, don't Pluggers usually have a thing against therapy? So most likely, they wouldn't be going to see a therapist, or a doctor of any sort. So where does this line come from? Or are they implying that Pluggers are hypochondriacs?

I'm so confused.

Slager (formerly KT) said...

No, Pluggers are old farts who need constant maintenance, lest their bodies explode with cholesterol and repressed sexuality. This situation is grossly exaggerated. Failure.


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