Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday March 14th

The comic:

No, there are no young Pluggers. I can't accept that.

Plus, Spongebob rocks, according to this 20 year old. So nyah, Larry.

Get some DVDs, you old fart. (Where is Sponge on Saturday mornings? When am I up before noon on Saturday?)


Pirk said...

Spongebob is pretty good, but it's no Looney Tunes. I do agree that for pluggers to mean what they say it means, there have to be young pluggers

Kaitlyn said...

Pirk - I believe one can like both.

But Pluggers live in a world where you have to like one or the other. There is no both.

Anonymous said...

Where do Pluggers come down on the Pink Panther cartoons? Does nostalgia still apply or do Pluggers go with their reactionary feelings and automatically distrust any challenge to the Warner Brothers hegemony?


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