Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday March 21st

The comic:

Oh come on!

Like he would use them if he could find them.

Sorry, that's all I got tonight.


Pirk said...

he's looking for the hacksaw to pawn it


to cut up his spouse who just died so he can eat her, having recently lost his 401k


to cut coupons, because pluggers are too weak and arthritic to work scissors, but they can still drag a serrated edge back and forth accross the paper

Slager (formerly KT) said...

Aww, you beat me to the murder joke.

Kaitlyn said...

Slager, Pirk - you're both much better at this than me.

Thanks, Pirk.

I'll try to keep murder in mind when I get stuck next time. ;)

I think it's even a tag, or is that treason? I know cannibal is a tag.

Anonymous said...
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Slager (formerly KT) said...

I think the two easiest angles are Murder and Illicit Sexual Activity. Comedy gold!


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