Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday March 6th

The comic:

Pluggers are schmucks.


K.T. said...

Ten boxes of Thin Mints?!?! My GOD. I have trouble finishing ONE.

Kaitlyn said...

You can freeze them and they last awhile, but not that long.

And ten boxes still take time to get through. More than a year.

My mom loves Thin Mints and she never bought that much.

Hell, when we were Girl Scouts, we could only depend on her for a couple boxes. Those things were expensive and now they cost even more!

xy said...

10 boxes takes a year to get through? you don't have much of an appetite. I could finish an entire girl scout in less than a week.

Marion Delgado said...

Just to show we're not always on the cynic's page, I think the Pluggers would agree with us that the people who bought girl scout cookies in Bremerton, WA, with counterfeit $20 bills were not good people.

Pirk said...

this isn't much of a joke . . surprisingly I expect more from Pluggers

Marion Delgado said...

Grandma's out about $60 so far.

wv: alizedag an ancient holiday wherein elderly and feeble Swedish Pluggers who could no longer work were put down with a cloth-covered cattle maul.

Anonymous said...

I bought three boxes of thin mints from a girl scout and I'm planning to eat them all while watching Lifetime/ or crying in the shower.


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