Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday March 27th

The comic:

I almost like the shading of the bulbs - it makes me think that they're using Christmas lights in their tacky chandelier.

Though if Pluggers really hate technology, shouldn't those be real candles?

She looks a bit surprised, a bit not. But not happy, or mad. Just like, "Hey stupid, you didn't turn the lights off. They're probably hot."

Can a Plugger get much dimmer? A comic koan for the ages.


Pirk said...

my light switch doesn't work on my reading lamp, so I just screw and unscrew the lightbulb. you get used to the hotness

Marion Delgado said...

There's a lot of that "reality creeps in in the actual drawing despite all efforts" that goes on. She's not very romanticked, is she.

She has a chance to have a fling with that college professor who comes to her diner all the time working on his novel.

She's thinking to herself "a Plugger's dimmer ... switch!"


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